Tips for Having a Garage Sale

Spring is the perfect time to have a garage sale. Spring-cleaning can help you to clean out your garage and to make some money selling items that you no longer use or need. It will also help to create more space in your home or garage. But, there are a few tips that you need to know before you have your own garage sale.

You will need to be sure to advertise. Many garage sale shoppers will use the newspaper or sites such as to find garage sales to shop at. Also, poster board signs with your address and information about the garage sale are helpful. It is always important to date the poster, since so many others forget to take down their signs. Shoppers don’t want to take the time to drive around looking for an unfamiliar address if they are not sure that the sign is new and the garage sale is indeed the current day.

Be sure to have plenty of change on hand. You will need silver change and dollar change. You never can predict how large of bills your shoppers will carry. It is disheartening to turn down a sale because you simply don’t have change. Be sure to get your change a day in advance so you don’t have to leave customers in between sales for a stop by the bank.

Start your sale early. Die-hard Utah Garage Door shoppers start their shopping very early so that they can find the best deals. 7 am is the perfect time to begin. If you are expecting a crowd of buyers, you may want to buy a box of donuts and have coffee or juice on hand for the shoppers. This is not necessary, but it is a nice touch that will keep shoppers browsing for a longer period of time.

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