Teach Children the Dangers of Garage Doors

Every year garage doors are the cause of injuries and even deaths of children. Teaching your children about the dangers of Utah garage doors can easily prevent these accidents from occurring. Even if you are careful to watch your children around your own garage door, they must understand the dangers. They may not be supervised around a garage door owned by neighbors, friends or relatives.

First, children should be taught that garage door remotes and openers are not toys. A child should not be allowed to open and close the garage. Even if a garage door has safety sensors, they can malfunction and cause severe injuries to people, pets and automobiles. It is recommended that garage door buttons be installed out of reach of children.

Second, a child should not be allowed to play in the garage or around the garage door. If your child plays in the driveway regularly, they should be instructed to move away from the door if it is opened or closed.

Third, Children should never be allowed to touch the garage. Garage doors can pinch and hurt fingers and hands.

In addition to teaching children about garage door dangers, proper maintenance is important to reduce injuries caused by the doors. You can inspect your cables and rollers easily every month to insure that they are in proper working order.

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