Storing Chemicals Correctly in the Garage

Many of the items that are frequently stored in the garage can be dangerous for both children and pets. These items can be stored in the garage and not pose a danger if they are stored correctly and children are taught to stay away from them.

Small children and pets should not be allowed to be in a garage without full supervision if any items that impose dangers are stored in the area. Chemicals stored in garages pose many risks and can even cause death. Some of the items include car oil and antifreeze coolant. These items are dangerous when stored low enough for pets and children to reach. They are also dangerous when they have leaked onto the garage floor surface.

Other chemicals commonly found in garage areas include snail bait and rat poison. Both of these items are often paired with sweet smelling and tasting ingredients that can be enticing for children and pets. It is important to keep these items locked away in cabinets and stored out of reach.

In addition to chemicals, other items with sharp edges such as rakes and bush clippers should not be near a Utah garage door. Gas cans and other items that contain chemicals must also be locked away. Children or pets may be able to open them. Even animals such as raccoons have the ability to get into closed containers.

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