Space Saving Ideas

A garage is the perfect place for storage of many different items from recreational items, to yard care items to food storage. But, without the proper methods for storage a garage can fill up very fast. There are a few tips and tricks that professional organizers use to save space and to use small amounts of space effectively.

Use See Through Containers: Transparent containers that are made to be stack-able are great for storage and saving space. These containers can be placed with like items. Unlike cardboard boxes, these items won’t sag or mildew. You will also be able to see if the containers have extra space when you need to store additional items without having to open them first. Use

Wall Racks: A wall rack works well for garden utensils and other outdoor items. These items are typically awkward in size such as a rake or a snow shovel. We all have at least one or two shovels in our Utah garages. These items can be stored without taking up much space when they are hung on a wall rack.

Do Not Store Unwanted Items: Be sure to go through your items at least once per season. If you have held onto a broken tennis racket for more than one year, it is time to throw it out or get it fixed. Also, be sure to throw away food storage items and fertilizer that has passed the marked expiration date.

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