Get Rid of Spiders in Your Utah Garage

The spring and the fall are both common seasons for insects and spiders to appear in or around your Utah garage door. In March and April spiders will seek shelter from wet conditions by retreating to both damp and dry areas indoors. While most spiders are harmless, Utah is known to have a large black widow population.

Black and brown widow spiders can be dangerous in the Utah garage, especially if you have children and/or pets. Other spiders can be simply creepy, crawly unwanted guests. There are several ways to prevent an infestation and to get rid of spiders that are currently residing in your garage.

First and foremost, prevent these infestations by keeping your garage clean and organized. It is better to use plastic, sealable bins than cardboard boxes for storage. This will keep spiders from nesting inside of your possessions. Also, many household members take off their winter shoes and clothing leaving them inside the garage. Avoid this as spiders can be attracted to the warmth left in a boot and crawl inside causing an unpleasant surprise the next time the boots are worn.

In addition to avoiding leaving things inside the garage that can be cozy homes for insects and spiders, there are ways to get rid of spiders once they have taken over. If you are privy to the types of spiders living in the area, you will be able to find specific sprays for the spider. For example, the Demon WP is a highly recommended widow spray.

Other items can be found such as sticky spider traps, Delta dust for damp corners and more. If you have tried these items and do not see improvement, contact a professional pest control company. They can also recommend seasonal sprays at the most optimal times of the year.

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