How to Protect your Refrigerator in the Garage

In Utah especially, where family sizes are statistically larger and food storage is an important consideration for many, it is common for a household to have more than one fridge. It is a convenient and space saving method to keep a second refrigerator in the garage. How do you maintain the fridge properly when it is next to a garage door? We have some great tips for you.

Check the fridge temperature regularly: This fridge may be used less often and it may be more difficult to notice changes in temperature. Check the temperature at least once a month. The fridge temperature should be close to 40 degrees. Check it more often during seasonal changes because the fridge may have difficulty between exterior temperature changes.

Clean the fridge often: You may be less likely to store partially opened food containers in this fridge. You may also be less likely to have spills in this fridge. But, it is crucial that is cleaned often. A fridge stored in a garage will be more likely to have mildew and mold build up. You must maintain it or it may need to be repaired just like a Utah garage door repair.

Keep a maintenance sheet on the fridge: A maintenance sheet will help you to remember to check the temperature and clean the fridge regularly. It can be easy to forget when you last maintained the appliance, especially when it is the secondary unit to the one in the kitchen that you use daily.

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