Keep Mold Out of your Garage

It is easier to prevent mold from growing in your home or in your garage than it is to get rid of existing mold. If you are currently building or remodeling a home or adding a garage, the tools and techniques that you use could help with the overall prevention of mold.

Many of the traditional materials that are used for building a garage will actually promote mold growth. These include wood. Other materials such as metal studs and aluminum and vinyl coated doors will decrease the chance of mold growth. They will reduce mold growth because they are not porous substances and will also prevent wood eating mites that are found to coincide with mold in many areas.

Adding a small window into a garage can also help with mold prevention. Utah garage door repair experts can recommend window sizes and types that work well in specific regions. Sunlight can really make a difference in the growth of mold by decreasing the presence of dusky and damp areas.

Ventilation systems and fans will also promote air circulation. Mold does not grow well in well-lit and well-ventilated areas. Fans installed in the roof by a professional will offer both improved light and improved ventilation. With only a few small upgrades or adjustments, you can be proactive at keeping mold away.

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