Maintaining your Garage Door

If you have a garage door you should know how to maintain it with regular check ups. Simply checking on the condition of your Utah garage door regularly can help you save money by fixing problems before they become extensive repair jobs.

A garage door that does not work well is a hazard. It can be dangerous to family members and pets. It can also cause damage to automobiles or the actual house itself. There are a few steps to regular garage maintenance.

The first step to checking on the state of a garage door is to turn off and disengage the Utah garage door motor. This will allow you to manually move the garage door slowly to see where there could be problems that you otherwise would be unable to notice.

You will need to be aware of any misaligned tracks or cables. Even slight misalignment can lead to much bigger problems in the future. To straighten the tracks, simply unscrew the brackets on the track, straighten the track to the best of your ability and re tighten the screws.

At this point you will want to move the garage up and down to be sure that the tracks are now more straightened than before. After you have checked this, double check that the screws have stayed screwed in tightly.

Also, while the motor is still disengaged it is the perfect time to clean the tracks. You can do this by using a soft towel or a brush with long bristles. The tracks should not have caked oil or grease on them. Remove any dust, dirt or deposits of oil and grease from the track area.

The wheel bearings should be clean and oiled regularly. The oil that should be used in made specifically for this purpose. Other oils can be too greasy and cause slippage, mildew build up or other damage depending on the region or weather.

If you maintain your Utah garage door regularly you will save money by fixing problems before they get out of hand. If you notice a problem call a professional immediately to avoid further damage or risks to your family or automobile.

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