The Main Parts of a Garage Door

If you own a garage door it is important to understand the basic structure and mechanics of the door. This will help you to understand the importance of Utah garage door maintenance and can help you to troubleshoot issues when the garage is not functioning correctly.

One of the main parts of a garage door is the vertical tracks. These should always be free of dust and dirt. These tracks works to allow the door to travel up and down, opened and closed, with the help of rollers. Rollers can wear easily if they are not a high quality brand.

The second main part or component used for garage doors is the extension spring. An extension spring works to balance the actual weight of the door and the pull of the other springs. These springs will stretch out over the cables on both sides of the garage door.

The motor is also a very important piece of the overall machinery. A motor that is malfunctioning can cause havoc to a garage. Also, if the power goes out it is crucial to understand how to manually open and close the garage without the use of the motor.

After you have a new garage installed, it is not out of the ordinary to ask your installer to give you a quick explanation of the parts and how to tell when they begin to wear down. Also, noting what parts have what type of warranty is important when you are inspecting the installation.

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