Garage Sale Fun

It is the time of the year for garage sales. If you haven’t been garage sale shopping before, you may want to try it. There are treasures to find and adventures to be had throughout the valley at these owner-direct sales.

You may not always find the exact thing that you are looking for at a garage sale, but you are sure to find things that you never knew you wanted or needed. One person’s junk is another’s prize. To be sure to find all of the best items at a garage sale, here are a few tips from some garage sale addicts:

Get There Early: The early bird certainly gets the worm at these sales. The best stuff is sold fast. Any sale that you get to after 10 am has been picked over already.

Have a Plan: Many newspapers and sites such as Craigslist list addresses and items that will be sold at garage sales in the area. These can provide you with a starting point for your day’s adventure, but don’t remain married to your plan. If you see a sign for a promising sale on your journey, veer off of your planned path.

Have Fun: You don’t have to find an amazing item to have fun at a garage sale. These sales are great places to meet other people and members of the community. You will meet other people that love the rush of finding a wonderful item.

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