Make your Garage Safe for Pets

A garage can be an unsafe environment for pets. Cats and dogs can be exposed to risks in the garage area if the proper precautions are not taken. It is important to know the common garage dangers to pets and how to get rid of them to keep your pets safe and healthy.

Garages are often used as kennel type areas for dogs. But, this can be extremely dangerous when temperatures rise or fall. Garages may not have the ability to stay warm or to cool like the rest of the home. These temperatures can cause health risks or even death to animals.

Chemicals and other poisonous materials often stored in the garage are very dangerous to pets. These chemicals include fertilizer, cement and other building materials, gasoline, rat poison and many more. These can be deadly if ingested and some can create fumes that are harmful when a Utah Garage Door area is not ventilated well.

Houseplants and cleaning products can also be poisonous to pets. Many times these products are stored in the garage on short shelves. These items must be stored out of reach of animals to ensure that they will not be ingested.

A garage is not a recommended area for any pets unless the area is cleaned and maintained with a pet in mind. Proper ventilation and temperature controlled areas must be created if a pet is kenneled in the garage.

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