Garage Floor Covering

Garages can be difficult to keep clean. Dirt, debris, grease, oil and many other substances can get stuck in between cracks and crevices in concrete garage floors. If you store a collectible vehicle, food storage or other items that should remain clean this can be a problem. Also, if you spend time in the garage for a hobby dust and dirt can be an issue.

There are several types of garage floor covering that can be used in a garage. They all have different price points and application processes. Here are the most popular garage floor coverings:

Epoxy Covering: A water-based epoxy applied to a concrete floor will create a smooth surface. There are several colors available. Homeowners with just a small amount of instruction can apply epoxy covering.

Garage Floor Mats: These can be inexpensive ways of protecting a dedicated space in the garage. But, they can cause problems when they need to be moved for cleaning dirt around them.

Tile Garage Floors: Tiling the garage area has become quite common in the last 10 years. Large tiles can be placed in the area to create an easy to mop and clean surface. The standard indoor tiles will not work for a garage that is used for automobiles. Tiles made specifically for this purpose must be used.

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