Garage Floor Coatings

Spring is a popular time to get a garage floor coating. Dirt and debris has gathered all winter on the floor and is difficult to remove. Cleaning this can be a big job and includes sweeping and power washing the surface. Moving all of the storage items can make this a lengthy process.

There are many different types of garage floor coatings varying in color, quality and, of course, price. Novice homeowners can apply some coatings while some coatings require professionals with the essential equipment required.

One of the most requested coatings that requires professional application is polished concrete with radiant heating. This is a beautiful style that includes a clear or stained polish over the top. The radiant heating works well for those that spend much time in their garage. Those with man caves enjoy the modern look of the floor and the heat component.

A basic coating of epoxy is a very popular type that can be applied by a homeowner that has been educated on the product and application methods. Many hardware stores offer afternoon courses in garage epoxy skills. This can be applied to a regular garage to help with the appearance and ease of cleaning. If you are having a Utah garage door repair, this is the perfect time to apply a coating.

Be sure to consider how the surface coatings are maintained and how often an application will need to be reapplied before making a decision on type. Also, consider how much time you spend in your garage. A crafter or hobbyist who spends hours in a garage per week will prefer a different coating than one who simply parks their car in the garage.

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