How to Keep a Garage Floor Clean and Dry

If you live in an area with a four-season climate, you know how difficult it can be to keep your Utah garage door and floor clean. Melted snow and ice can create muddy puddles and salt build up that are difficult to remove. They can ruin your concrete floor in time and create hazards for walking around the area. We have some tips to help you to keep the area cleaner and drier.

Install a dividing strip: A dividing strip that runs between the inside and the outside of the garage will help to keep rain and snow from coming in from the outside in a storm or when snow-blowing the driveway. These can be installed quite easily. The materials can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

Use mats for snow shovels and snow blowers: These materials can create puddles inside of the garage. If you brush off as much snow as you can from them before placing them in the garage and then setting them on rubber mats you will greatly reduce any moisture they may bring in the area.

Have a mop and bucket on hand: There is not much you can do about your car bringing in slush and snow that will later melt onto the garage floor. But, you can mop it up after it has melted onto the floor. Having a mop and bucket handy, will ensure that you can quickly remove the mess.

Your garage will never be spotless in the winter months, but keeping it as clean as possible will help reduce wear on the floor. It will also make it much easier to deep clean when spring arrives.

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