Garage Door Styles

The look and the style of your garage door is much more important to the overall look and design of your home than ever before. In the last 20 years the architecture of the common American and Utah home has changed significantly. The garage area is commonly towards the front of the home. This makes the garage door a main focal point.

The type of garage door that you choose for your home should match your home’s style and offer any solutions for your specific needs. For example, if you have a two car garage, but only one car a double door garage style may be a better option for you. This way you don’t need to open up the whole garage every time you pull your car in and out.

There is a variety of new and traditional style garage doors available. Many
garage door professionals offer free garage design consultations to go over styles, availability and prices of the various outer shells on the constantly changing market.

One of the most popular styles of doors this year is the wood finished style. This style looks wonderful on newer homes featuring outer materials of large stone and stacked stone. There are also styles that feature copper hardware that complements dark wood front doors and other copper materials on the outside of a home.

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