Garage Door Safety

Garage doors are one of the conveniences of modern living. But, they can pose a danger to pets, childrens and adults. Many of the dangers of Utah garage doors can be prevented with proper maintenance and regular check ups. Here are some garage door safety tips:

If you have young children you should not let them play in or around the garage without supervision. If the garage door button is low enough that the young child can reach it, you may want to block the area or have the button moved higher by a garage door professional.

Do not leave your garage door partially open. This can result in safety hazards for children, pets or other animals. In addition to stray animals being able to come in and out of your garage, the garage door can be unpredictable when left partially open. The sensors can become over sensitive or dirty as well.

If you have a garage door with panelling, be sure to never place your hands in the slatted areas. These can cause severe damage if a finger or hand becomes caught in between a panel. Children especially should not be allowed to play around or place their hands on a garage door of this style.

With regular maintenance, many mechanical garage door issues that could cause danger can be prevented. You can check the coils and the rollers for any debris or rust. Many professionals are also available for quick maintenance checks in the spring and summer months.

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