Keep your Garage Cool in the Summer

Does your garage feel like an oven or even a sauna in the summer months? A high temperature can be dangerous if you are storing paint, gas or other chemicals in the space. It can also cause damage to other items that are stored in the area as well such as food storage items. There are some proven methods that you canĀ  use to get the temperature down.

Cars, when driven in the summer heat, can get very hot. The brake rotors alone can rise up to 250 degrees in minutes. When a car that has been driven in the sun is parked inside of an enclosed space, the space fills with the heat. When you come home from even a short drive, park your car outside of the garage until it cools properly.

Garage insulation, when installed properly, can help to keep the garage cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. There are some varieties that will only keep the garage hotter in the winter and therefore boiling hot in the summer. You can get recommendations on the best insulation types from Utah garage door repair specialists who are experienced in Utah weather and garage insulation varieties.

Ventilation fans are used in many garages with expensive automobiles and stored items. Professionals must install these fans to be sure that they are able to move air properly. If this is out of your budget, you can find a plug-in ventilation fan, open the garage at least 6 inches from the ground and run the fan for one to two hours per day.

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