How to Fix a Stuck Garage Door

There is no one right method to repair a garage door. Utah garage doors can become damaged or malfunction for a variety of different reasons. There are many times that a door can be fixed quickly and easily and other times when a professional must be brought in.

The most common issues that can be fixed without the assistance of a pro include a garage door that is stuck due to a freeze or when a motor remote is not programmed correctly.

To fix a garage door freeze, check the pressure adjustments within the motor. Most motors manufactured within the last 10-15 years will use pressure adjustments that often need to be checked when seasons change. You can learn more about specific adjustments in the brand manual.

If a remote is not programmed correctly, you may need to reset the remote. This is a simple task. The instructions will vary slightly based on the brand of garage door motor you own. Directions should be noted in the users manual.

If the problem is not related to cold weather or a remote error, you may need to call a professional. Cables, springs and rollers tend to age and wear even with proper maintenance. This can cause the garage to stick or become stuck. Without repair,  the problems can become more severe and more costly.

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