How to Fix a Remote Control for your Garage Door

There are methods of troubleshooting and fixing your remote control for your door that can save you time and money. If you are able to easily fix an issue, it can be a relief to not have to call a professional for a garage door repair Utah.

There are two main reasons a remote will stop working. You need to troubleshoot for these first. The first issue, that is most common, is a garage door remote that is not working because a battery needs replaced. This is a simple fix. Always have an extra battery around for this type of project.

The next main reason for a remote to stop working is a remote that needs reprogramming. Reprogramming your remote may solve your problem in minutes. Always keep the handbook for your garage opener handy in case this happens. Many times it takes people longer to find the directions to reprogram their garage than to actually reprogram it.

If you have tried replacing your batteries and reprogramming the remote and it still is not working, you may need to look to your warranty. Warranties can help you to have your product serviced without having to be charged the full fee.

Also, based on brand and type of the opener, you may be able to find specific troubleshooting guides online or in your owner’s manual. If you cannot find this, you can also call the manufacturer’s toll free phone number.

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