Cleaning an Oil Leak

Oil leaks can create unattractive stains on cement on the driveway, sidewalk and in the garage. There are several products on the market that promote easy-to-remove oil components.

Grease cleaner and garage oil remover type products work well for getting rid of these stains. They are available at home repair stores. After purchasing one of these products, try to soak up as much oil as you can from the affected area. You can do this with a rag that is absorbent or an old sponge.

After you have done this, apply the oil cleaner as the instructions state. Repeat this process again to see better results. If you are still not happy with the results you can try an alternative Kitty Litter method. This requires a small to large bag of kitty litter, depending on the size and area of the stain. You will apply the litter directly onto the stain and rub it in with a towel or glove. Let this sit for at least a day and then remove with a broom.

There are many other household items that can be used for oil and grease removal including soda and liquid detergent. Sometimes a single stain may need several applications of different products to be removed completely.

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