Attached Vs. Stand Alone Garages

Attached garages are the standard type of garage. But, they weren’t always the standard. Homes from the 1960’s and earlier are often seen with detached, stand alone garage styles. What are the advantages of each type of garage?

An attached garage is very convenient. During rainy weather you can park your car directly in the garage. This saves you from getting wet or cold. Also, many families have a freezer or secondary fridge in their garage. If their garage is attached to their home, oftentimes the fridge or freezer is only a few feet away from the kitchen area.

A stand alone garage can offer safety from automobile and chemical fumes that may seep into a house with an attached garage unit. Also, if a garage is used for hobbies or a teenager’s band practice, the sound will not reach the house. These garages, however, may be more expensive to construct because separate electricity needs may be necessary.

Consider what you use your garage for and how each style will look on your home. This will help you to make the decision between building an attached garage or a stand alone type.

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