How to Keep Animals Out of Your Garage

Stray feral cats, raccoons and other animals can not only be bothersome pests, but can also be dangerous to you, your family and your pets. These animals can ravage items that you have in storage. They can spread disease and they can bite or scratch.

It is important to find methods to stop them from going into your Utah garage door humanely.

Some animals are able to slip in when the garage door is opened. It seems rather simple to say, “Just keep the garage door closed.” But, if your car emits many emissions you should leave the garage door open for at least 30 seconds after driving inside. These emissions can even cause weather stripping on doors to wear down if a garage is immediately shut.

Before closing your garage door inspect the area for any animals. If you do see an animal you can usually shoo them away or use a loud sound like a clang on a pot or pan to scare them away. If you have problems with the same animal frequently, contact your local humane society or pest removal services.

Some animals are able to get into garages through very small spaces. If you have square venting windows in your garage, you will need to install screens. Also, if you have a pet door in your Utah garage door, you may need to remove it. These will all increase the amount of animals seeking shelter or looking for food in your garage.

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