Salt Lake City, Utah

utah garage door repair in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City was officially born on July 24, 1847 by a group of Mormon pioneers. More and more pioneers and emigrants came to Great Salt Lake City, named after the giant salt lake nearby. Crisis was averted early on when a flock of seagulls devoured a massive swarm of crickets trying to eat the settlers’ crops. The seagull was named as the state bird thereafter. Ceded from Mexico in 1848, we became the Utah Territory in 1950. Statehood followed in 1896 and we’ve been growing ever since.

Garage Door Repair & Garage Door Installation in Salt Lake City, Utah

Since most of Utah’s population lives in the greater Salt Lake City area, we wanted to make sure we could quickly access homes needing emergency garage door repair. Since there is a mixture of older, established homes and new home construction throughout Salt Lake City, we are well-positioned to either repair or replace your garage door. We’ll give you maintenance tips to help keep your garage door working well for years to come.

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