Orem, Utah

Although less than 1,200 people constituted the town of Orem when it was incorporated in 1919, there were still matters of business for the community. The first concern addressed by the City founders was the construction of a water distribution system for the residents and a 175,000 gallon tank on the foothill north of the mouth of Provo Canyon. For many years, meetings of the Orem Town Board were held in Mayor Lawrence J. Snow’s store for which the rental was $14.00 a year.

One of the most unique chapters in the history of Orem relates to its agricultural economy. From very small beginnings in 1861, agriculture grew to important proportions by December 7, 1941, when the United States entered World Wall II.

With a number of Orem’s young men joining the Armed Forces in 1942 and 1943, the supply of labor in the community had dropped so low labor had to be imported to work the fields and harvest. As a result, the Utah Farm Labor Association, in cooperation with the State of Utah, built a labor camp at 1000 North 800 East on a five-acre site owned by James G. Stratton.

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