Space Saving Ideas

A garage is the perfect place for storage of many different items from recreational items, to yard care […]

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Garage Floor Covering

Garages can be difficult to keep clean. Dirt, debris, grease, oil and many other substances can get stuck […]

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Cleaning an Oil Leak

Oil leaks can create unattractive stains on cement on the driveway, sidewalk and in the garage. There are […]

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Best Rated Garage Door Motors

There are several garage door opener companies on the market. Many of them are quite comparable. Consumer reviews […]

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Garage Door Styles

The look and the style of your garage door is much more important to the overall look and […]

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Awesome Celebrity Garages

Some of the swankest and high tech garages belong to famous celebrities. These celebrities want the best space […]

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Attached Vs. Stand Alone Garages

Attached garages are the standard type of garage. But, they weren’t always the standard. Homes from the 1960’s […]

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Garage Sale Fun

It is the time of the year for garage sales. If you haven’t been garage sale shopping before, […]

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Organize your Garage for Summer

It is finally warm enough to clean out your garage and get organized. Do you ever drive past […]

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Storing Chemicals Correctly in the Garage

Many of the items that are frequently stored in the garage can be dangerous for both children and […]

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